The Author

Veronica Parker-Taylor is a Mother (5) Grandmother (4) and aspiring author, who truly believes this work is her call of duty. A Chicago native who at the current age of fifty-four says this is her response to all the racial hatred and bigotry in the World today. After having to endure the trauma of years of Systemic Racism—she endeavors to be a voice of change and a force for the good of all of humanity. Her personal experiences with workplace discrimination have evolved her to a whole new level of consciousness. She now understands that her pain has purpose. In this work, she bares her soul in the form of poetic stanzas to help enlighten her readers to the fact that “Sometimes what’s happening to you—is only God’s opportunity to use you!” She states that this is her “DESTINY” and the very reason for which she was born. It’s no miracle that she is lyrical, it’s in her DNA.